On Demand Neuroscience Measurements
On Demand EEG, eye-tracking and heart rate variability data collection on your experimental paradigm.

For researchers in psychology, neuroscience, engineering, machine learning and computer science.

What we offer

For researchers in psychology, neuroscience, engineering and marketing who want to integrate neurophysiological and biometric measures into their research but do not have easy access to best-in-class neuroscience laboratory equipment such as advanced EEG, and eye-tracking.

Neuroscience measurements on demand is a complete new way of doing research that provides services for collecting neurophysiological measures on your experimental paradigm when you need them. It enables researchers to quickly obtain reliable multi-modal data to open new frontiers in their research domain.

Unlike owning your own equipment our solution requires no investment in equipment, maintenance, technical training or programming. You simply discuss your ideas of the experimental paradigms with our experts; we take care of all the technical and methodological challenges. You get your raw and pre-processed data and metrics to contact your research.

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Neurophysiology measurements.... Easily, On Demand, Affordable

Integrating EEG, eye-tracking and other neuroimaging modalities in your experiment paradigms has never been an easy task, until now. With a simple pay-per-study plan you can have EEG, eye-tracking and other neuroimaging data collected - and ready to be analyzed - for your research studies.

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Best-in-class EEG and eye-tracking equipment.

Advanced research requires the latest technology. Our neuroimaging laboratory is equipped with best-in-class research-grade equipment to make sure you get highest signal quality possible and enables you to uncover neurophysiological correlates and biomarkers in support of your research hypothesis.

No equipment investment on your side.

With our complete neuroimaging laboratory on your side you have access to advance EEG, eye-tracking, and heart rate variability data for your research without investing thousands in equipment, maintenance and training.

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Speed up your research.

Have your experiment implemented, your study executed and your neurophysiological data collected fast. No iterations, programming errors, trial and errors, experiment repetitions or other technology challenges. Just get the measurements your need so you can focus on what you do best, your research!

Lets start talking....and learn how we can help you

  • Consultancy and study design

    Our experts will discuss with you your experimental paradigm and your study's objectives and will suggest ways to integrate neuroimaging modalities into your paradigm and help you specify and finalize your experimental design.

  • Paradigm implementaton

    Our programmers will implement the experimental paradigm and validate it for EEG and/or eye-tracking data collection.

  • Study Execution/Data collection

    We deploy your paradigm for data collection using our best-in-class neuroimaging infrastructure and our human participant's panel.

  • Data Pre-processing

    You can select our standard EEG and eye-tracking pre-processing features and metric generation.

  • Get all your data files

    Once data are collected and validated for quality control, we deliver to you in a raw data files in standard industry format and any pre-processed files and metrics you requested.

    You are ready to start analyzing

    Need help with the analysis? Ask up about our post-data collection services to get you started with the analysis.