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Equip your lab with the next generation Active electrode EEG from Biosemi.
  • Start your analysis with clean signals
  • from 16 - 256-channels, DC amplifier, 24-bit resolution, Bio-potential Measurement System with Active Electrodes
  • Portable, Easy to use, Scalable, & Optimized for research
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Active Two System...

The next generation Active electrode EEG from Biosemi

  • from 16 - 256-channels, DC amplifier, 24-bit resolution, Bio-potential Measurement System with Active Electrodes
  • Excellent signal quality, Portable, Easy to use, Scalable, & Optimized for research

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ActiveTwo is a powerful high-resolution biosignal acquisition system that incorporates some revolutionary concepts. Active electrode technology is just one of the significant innovations in the ActiveTwo system. By placing active electronics within millimeters of the actual electrode contact, ActiveTwo virtually eliminates the need to prepare the scalp before applying electrodes. This can cut measurement preparation time by an estimated 15 -30 minutes for most laboratories!.

Other Innovations inlcude:

  • Headcap system with the fastest application time.
  • Reliable measurements without skin preparation.
  • Battery powered front-end with fiber optic data transfer.
  • Suitable for BioFeedback, ECG and EMG measurements.
  • Graphical programming (LabVIEW) on PC and Mac (user will need to order a special PCI card to work with MAC).
  • Full range of auxiliary sensors available.
  • MEG/MCG compatible digital system.
  • Up to 256 channels in a single ultra compact subject box.
  • Second generation active electrode: smaller & less weight.
  • Flexible colored electrode labeling system.
  • 24 bit ADC per channel, unsurpassed S/N ratio and linearity.
  • Improved digital resolution, LSB value is 31nV.
  • Full DC operation, largest input range in the industry (524mVpp).
  • User selectable sample-rate 2, 4, 8, 16 kHz/channel.

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Biosemi Headcups

Head Cap for Active Two system

The ActiveTwo head cap was developed in cooperation with Dr. Peter Praamstra at the Behavioral Brain Sciences Center, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. The head cap consists of an elastic cap with plastic electrode holders. The cap itself does not contain electrodes - only plastic electrode holders that receive the pin-type active electrodes. The caps have ear-slits for easy access to the ears. Head-caps are provided with an elastic / velcro chin strap for fixing the cap in place, but body harnesses with criss-cross chest straps are also available .

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Active Electrodes Selection

Pin-type Active Electrode

The BioSemi "Pin-type" Active electrode has been designed especially for mounting in BioSemi headcap's. The electrode has a sintered Ag-AgCl electrode tip, providing very low noise, low offset voltages and very stable DC performance.

Flat-type active electrodes

The BioSemi FLAT Active electrode has been designed for all Body-surface applications. They are ideal for all EMG and ECG body surface measurements and also for EEG applications where the use of a headcap is less practical.

CMS/DRL Electrode pair

BioSemi replaces the 'ground' electrodes which are used in conventional systems with two separate electrodes; the Common Mode Sense (CMS) active electrode and Driven Right Leg (DRL) passive electrode.




Biosemi Consumables

Electrode gel

Electrode gel, Signa gel by Parker, low impedance highly conductive gel, specially formulated to maximize contact between the body surface and the Active electrodes, bacteriostatic, non-irritating, non-staining, and non-gritty. Sufficient for approximately 20 different 32-channel measurements.


Special syringe with blunt plastic tip for easy injection of electrode gel in the BioSemi electrode holders. 12cc (enough for a measurement of 32 channels)

Adhesive disks

Double sided adhesive disks for firm placement of the Active electrodes on the skin. Two sizes are available: 20mm x 8mm or 13mm x 5mm (outside x inside). Both sizes are suited well for BioSemi Flat-type active electrodes.



Additional Sensors

Auditory Brainstem Response

ABR electrodes are optimized for the frequency band 100 Hz till 3 kHz (AC operation), whereas the standard EX electrodes are optimized for low frequency (DC) signals and low power consumption.

Galvanic Skin Response

With this ActiveTwo accessory, the impedance of the skin can be measured. The GSR exists of 2 passive Nihon Kohden electrodes to induce an oscillator signal synchronized with the sample-rate.

Photo sensor

This sensor can be used for measuring visual stimuli simultaneously with the physiological data (EEG). This allows checking the timing accuracy of the used stimulus setup.

Plethysmograph sensor

This Plethysmograph sensor from ADI instruments (MLT1020) uses an infrared photoelectric sensor to detect changes in tissue blood volume. The Plethysmograph sensor directly plugs into the front of the ActiveTwo.

Temperature sensor

With this high precision temperature sensor from HP (Agilent 21078A), skin temperatures can be measured. The temperature sensor directly plugs into the front of the ActiveTwo. The temperature input can be mounted on the front of the AD-box when a system is ordered, or at a later stage.

Respiration belt

Respiration belt SleepSense 1387-kit. Using a piezo-electric crystal, the respiration effort sensor converts chest or abdominal respiration movement to clear, reliable respiration waveforms.


Microphone to record audio stimuli and responses. A highly effective built-in spherical filter minimizes wind and breath 'pop' noise. Connects directly to the standard BioSemi ActiveTwo Ergo input on the AD-box.

Presentation Cable

This cable connects the stimulation PC (parallel port) with the trigger input/output connector (37 pin female sub-D) of the BioSemi USB receiver. Cable is approximately 4.5 Meters long.

Response Switch

Response switches for direct connection to the Ergo input or Switch input on the AD-box.These response switches ensure accurate timing of the response moments (pulse is mixed directly with the incoming EEG signals) as well as optimal isolation of the subject (no grounded equipment near the subject).




Biosemi extensions

Analog Input Box

The Analog Input Box (AIB) is an extra option to acquire additional analog input signals which have to be kept isolated from the subject. For example mains powered equipment. Up to 32 channels can be acquired simultaneously with up to 256 channels from the AD-box connected to the subject.


Headbox with 32 Active TouchProof connectors. Headbox to connect up to 32 Active TouchProof electrodes to a standard ActiveTwo acquisition system.